No Fucks Left To Give

Just before President Obama delivered his State of the Union address to Congress last week, the official White House Twitter account sent this eat-my-shorts (tan suit*) reference:


Chez Pazienza at The Daily Banter penned a brilliant reading of the President’s thought bubble, which I encourage you to enjoy:

The White House Just Trolled Everyone, Proving Obama Has No F*cks Left To Give

* If you missed last summer’s TanSuitGate then (1) ignorance is bliss and (2) find out more here.

Tweet of the Day 04.10.14

Tweet of the Day 3.15.14

Bumpersticker seen in OH.

Also recommended for WI, MI, PA, NC, SC, LA, FL, TX, OK, KS, AZ…

We Are Super heroes

When we were kids, our mothers told us to “Go outside and play!” So we did. My friend Jenn was especially good at this. She liked to pose her Barbies in life-threatening, damsel-in-distress situations. Dangling from a tree branch. Buried neck-deep in sand. Good, wholesome stuff that would prepare her for a career in… teaching. Children. I know Jenn will appreciate this “Adventures of Miniature Batman” series of photos from the tormented (insanely creative) souls at hovercraftdoggy blog. If you like it too, then perhaps it will comfort you that you are not alone… (P.S. Be sure to click VIEW ORIGINAL at the end to see more mini-Batman in action!)


Batman Rémi Noël (2) Batman Rémi Noël (3) Batman Rémi Noël (4) Batman Rémi Noël (5) TinyBatman08 TinyBatman06 Batman Rémi Noël (6) Batman Rémi Noël (7) Batman Rémi Noël (8) Batman Rémi Noël (1)

The secret life of miniature batman – French artist and photographer Rémi Noël takes a classic ‘Batman’ 1989 movie action figure on a tour of the American Southwest in a fun and surprisingly moving photography series.

This post is part of our second Theme Week where since last Friday, you the public had the chance to choose between 5 themes/inspirations for each post this week. Yet again you chose probably the most challenging theme we had listed: ‘Miniature’ Hope you enjoy… 🙂

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[054] Bluntcards

If you know about Bluntcard, you’ll love these.

If you don’t know about Bluntcard, you’ll love me for introducing you to them.

If you – oh for fuck’s sake, just scroll, bitch! Enjoy!







Now go to and send a bitch a card!

I also love their magnets and shit.

Day 054 #100happydays

[052] Everything Wrong With…

If you loved MST3K, you’ll love this.

If you didn’t know that MST3K = Mystery Science Theatre 3000, you’ll probably still love this. (But have I told you how disappointing your 40s are going to be?)

I just discovered the Everything Wrong With… YouTube channel by CinemaSins. And when I find things I love, I share them. Because I’m a giver. These are rapid-fire critiques of logical lapses and continuity clusterfucks in many of your favorite flicks. Mostly sci-fi / fantasy genre. Although I’m expecting to see Keanu Reeve’s oeuvre included here any day now. The narration is breathless, so the subtitles help you keep up. Each flick is deconstructed in 2 to 7 minutes. A running total is kept of the movie’s “sins”, and at the end, a sentence is handed down. Here are a couple to prime the pump. Be warned: these are addicting.

And yes, this is Day 052 of #100happydays.

Everything Wrong With The Amazing Spiderman In 2 Minutes Or Less

Everything Wrong With Green Lantern In 6 Minutes Or Less