Semper Fi – Finally

A Marine silent no longer on gay marriage
by Roger Dean Huffstetler
3 April 2014 in The Washington Post

Roger Dean Huffstetler is a former Marine Corps sergeant, and this is his powerful op-ed in yesterday’s Washington Post. But they got the title wrong. His point goes so far beyond marriage (as important as that is) to the question of Am I the person I believe myself to be? – and What can I do if I find out I’m not?

“…I had always imagined that if I’d lived in the time of segregation and the civil rights movement, I would be the white Southerner who was proud to march with the NAACP — that I would tear down bigoted beliefs and demand equality for all, even putting myself at risk if need be.

But I didn’t do those things.”


I think a better title for this piece would be, It’s Never Too Late To Become Who You Are. The author did. And this is very much worth your time:

Click here: A Marine silent no longer in his support for gay marriage – The Washington Post


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