No Fucks Left To Give

Just before President Obama delivered his State of the Union address to Congress last week, the official White House Twitter account sent this eat-my-shorts (tan suit*) reference:


Chez Pazienza at The Daily Banter penned a brilliant reading of the President’s thought bubble, which I encourage you to enjoy:

The White House Just Trolled Everyone, Proving Obama Has No F*cks Left To Give

* If you missed last summer’s TanSuitGate then (1) ignorance is bliss and (2) find out more here.

What a hunt!

Remember this infamous tweet by that hunting bitch?
And Ricky Gervais’ epic take down: “spot the typo”

spot the typo.tweet.gervais

So here comes Steve Cutts, a briliant artist whose illustrations and animations are dark, even macabre… yet irresistible. Watch this one; it is so deeply satisfying:

There’s more on his YouTube channel. Thanks to my friend Chris for sharing Steve Cutts’ animation “Man” which is also worth your time. (But a word to the wise: I know quite a few people who would definitely not enjoy “Anytime is ice cream time” – and you cannot unsee it. Just sayin’)

Here’s the link to his blog:


In the three months since my self-imposed exile from Facebook, the geography of my social media world features two major countries: WordPress and Twitter. I do visit the beautiful island of Instagram and the buttoned-up principality of LinkedIn – but only when they wave their arms and yell, Hey! Steve! C’mere – you gotta see this! So, my new social media equation looks like this:

new equation2

As for G+… I’m certainly an enthusiastic fan of the Google – from my phone (Android – the OS that kicks your iPhone’s ass), to my email/calendar/contacts (Gmail) to my browser (Chrome) to YouTube, Google Photos, Maps, search, etc – but G+? Not so much. Why? What’s wrong with Google’s alternative to FB? Maybe nothing. But having demonstrated I can survive (possibly thrive) without Facebook, I really don’t have any use for a FB alternative. In fact, it’s the last thing I need. Plus, all those circles make me dizzy. My family, friends and acquaintances may, in fact, inhabit a massive Venn diagram… but trying to put them all in the correct, overlapping buckets just gives me a headache. Alas, I do “have” a G+ account because (unlike every other component of the Googleverse that I have opted into) Larry & Sergey force us into G+ by making it the default setting, the hub, the keystone, the master account. Whatevs.

All the various social media platforms are beginning to forge alliances with each other, allowing us to integrate our scattered online personas. For instance, my WordPress is set up so that when I hit the “publish” button on a post, it automatically shares that post on my Twitter, LinkedIn and G+. Gives The End a little more play, you know? I could also be sharing these posts automatically on FB… but since I’m no longer playing in that sandbox, seems rude to lob my notes-tied-to-rocks at ’em. (If you’re on FB, feel free to use the share button, below!)

Twitter, though, doesn’t travel as well as WordPress. There’s a widget over in the right column that shows my twitter feed and provides a handy “follow me” button. But I see lots of great tweets from others, and I want a way to share and highlight them here. Et voilà! A new category is born:

#TWEETOFTHEDAY. The hashtag is not functional, but a decorative way to accentuate the, well, tweetness of the category. I don’t promise a #TWEETOFTHEDAY (#TOTD?) every day, and I won’t limit myself to one-a-day, either. Just an as the spirit moves me kind of thing. I might choose a tweet that strikes me as sad or funny, political or puerile (or both), snarky or snarky. Oh look – here’s one now.

(Meanwhile… Paul Ryan was at CPAC talking about how kids who receive food assistance have parents who don’t love them. When is the rest of America going to wake up and smell the toxic spill of raw sewage that is the Republican Party? It had better begin on 11/4/2014.)

Twitter is educational

Sand? Looks like Chex Mix. Dude! Beer me!

Tweet from Mashable

Tweet from Mashable